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About Us

Fiarra was founded with a vision to fulfil the sourcing needs of international organisations, and help uplift the Indian supplier community by giving them a chance to work with global players.

Fiarra would take full ownership to manage all the challenges of sourcing in India like communication, complexity, compliance, quality, logistics and sustainability by choosing and developing a strategic supplier base in India, to ensure a seamless sourcing experience for our customers. Fiarra is open to work with multiple business models like trading or consulting, based on the needs of our customers.

Fiarra sourcing intends to be a pivotal organisation for the companies who do not have an International Purchase Office in India but have a lot to gain by sourcing from India.

Our Offerings

We specialise in sourcing customised engineering solutions and offer to be your International Purchase Office in India; at the same time, we also support Indian organisations to source from overseas.

Equipped with a curated supplier base and decades of successful sourcing experience, we find the optimal solutions to your sourcing needs in India ensuring sustainable sourcing encompassing compliance, quality, consistency and cost effectiveness.

On one hand Fiarra relentlessly works to improve the suppliers from its curated base, on the other it helps the customers to find the optimal sourcing solutions which are hassle free and sustainable. The Fiarra team is equipped with engineering, quality, logistics and project management expertise.

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Our endeavour for a better us.

Fiarra sourcing is a great organisation to engage with as Fiarra would be your zero cost international marketing arm. By working with Fiarra, your quality and delivery will improve, production will increase, thereby resulting in better utilisation of resources, enhanced economies of scale, ultimately surmounting profit.

That's not the only reason to engage with Fiarra, becoming a part of our supplier base is about becoming a member of our community which believes in systematic learning and continuous improvement.

It is all about ‘We Becoming a Better Us!’

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Meet Our Team

Fiarra’s founding team consists of Joe Pomaranski, Ashley Crasto and Ajay Sharma.

Joe Pomaranski

Known for his customer centricity, Joe has been a reliable partner for his career spanning 40+ years. He is known for heading the global aftermarket team of Tenneco creating a series of success stories all over the world. He is a highly respected figure in the automotive aftermarket, for his humour, candour and being solution oriented.

Ashley Crasto

A passionate engineer and a thorough program manager; Ashley is known for leading several innovative solutions specific to the Indian market in the field of Diesel Fuel Injections and automotive connectivity. Out of 27+ years of overall industry experience, 26 have been with various units of Bosch.

Ajay Sharma

Ajay is an operations and supply chain expert at core. He has been in the auto industry for over 25 years leading plants and operations in global organisations like Delphi, Caparo and Tenneco, turning around various business units that were in distress. An outstanding engineer and an entrepreneur at heart, Ajay brings the technical expertise and supply chain know-how to make Fiarra an outstanding organisation.